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André Metthey (1871-1920)
Ceramic vase 15”  tall, 11” diameter,  weight 9 lbs 14oz. Monogrammed AM with the clover on the base. Excellent condition with no chips or cracks.

Elaborate carved raised figures hunting with forest design, green glaze with gold background.
Depicting a classic hunting scene with 2 female figures and 2 males, dear, rabbits, & dog. Perhaps Dianna the Huntress.

Established account, Bonhams Customer # 16101123

Its name remains inseparable from the greatest artists and collectors of the turn of the 20th century. And yet, André Metthey, a virtuoso ceramist, a sweetened by the very influential art critic Louis Vauxcelles, had not been the subject of a solo exhibition for more than a century. The MUDO-Musée de l'Oise repairs this error by honouring the immense talent of this forgotten artist who had been consecrated a sumptuous retrospective at the Palais Galliera the year after his death.
Through the selection of more than 200 masterpieces, the institution orchestrates an exceptional monograph unveiling the ornamental repertoire and chromatic explorations of a virtuoso sculptor who collaborated during his career with illustrious painters such as Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck or Kees Van Dongen. Following a chrono-thematic course, the exhibition also reveals little-known aspects of its production such as its work for the great decor or its preparatory drawings that highlight its qualities as a colorist. A dive into the rich and complex work of this artist inseparable from "fauve ceramics" ranging from his first typical sandstones of the 1900s to his first collaborations with the sculptors Albert Marque and Alexandre Charpentier, to his varnished terracotta announcing the early Art deco. A flamboyant retrospective, mixing plant patterns and geometric figures, which allows us to enter into the intimacy of this goldsmith with golden fingers carried away by the disease, at the dawn of its 50th anniversary, at the top of its glory.

André Metthey vase 15" x 11"


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