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Joshua Been, "Cliff Patterns" , oil on linen board, 8” x 24” ;  30 1/2" x 14 1/2" Framed.  Signed dated; '21

A charming plein air painting by Joshua Been from the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art 2021 “paint out’ event.  Joshua is a nationally recognized artist, and has been invited to the prestigious Celebration of Art event for years.  (See Bio below)

Note: "Floating by the Ranch” by Joshua Been  (18 x 18”)  Oil on linen COA auction SOLD $3,135

           “Unplugged” by Joshua Been, (24" x 48”) price $6,000.00


Provenance: We purchased it in person from the Grand Canyon Conservancy 2021 Celebration of Art event, at the Kolb Studio, which received it from the artist as a participant in the 2021 COA.   Authenticity is guaranteed.

Joshua Been, "Cliff Patterns"


    Role over main image for a detailed magnified view.

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