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“Oceanus Fountain" by JW Austin

Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy,

Size:   9" x 12½"   Framed* 16" x 20"
Arches Watercolour paper, 140lb. hot pressed, 12" x 16", Artists' Water Colours (Aug. 97 palette),
Dated: August 22 - Sept. 10, 1997
Giambologna’s Oceanus Fountain on the Little Island in Boboli Gardens was painted over a few days.  The fountain and landscape are realistically depicted with an effort to differentiate the various trees.  The sky is reminiscent of 19th century topographic prints in keeping with the garden's history.  The algae in the still water have become a sublime yellow melting into the foreground.

“Oceanus Fountain" by JW Austin


    Role over main image for a detailed magnified view.

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