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Original oil painting of Model and book: "After the Scream"


Painting: This is a small well-painted original oil sketch of Edvard Munch’s painting “Model by the Wicker Chair”.  See photos of pages 85 & 86 of the accompanying book. It is an artist's original oil sketch painted on the inside cover of an old sketchbook, which has been removed from its binding.  The painting is signed but not dated; measuring 8 inches wide by 11 ½ inches high, about the size of an A4 sketchbook.  There is a small amount of missing paint at two corners, (upper and lower right, as shown in photos), but otherwise it is in good condition. The outside surface of this sketchbook cover is substantially worn with age and shows where the cover was detached from its binding, but is otherwise intact.  (See detailed photos.)  Normally any painting with a description noting "damage" is a red flag.  This piece will be eventually framed which will most likely cover these chipped corners.  Given the unique nature of this being a detached sketchbook cover, we chose not to cover or alter it in any way from its original state.


Original oil sketch of Model and book: "After the Scream"


    Role over main image for a detailed magnified view.

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